Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Muscle Man Theory

EDIT: I realize this really doesn't hold much water as a theory, it was more just a spur of the moment thing that I thought would be interesting. Looking at just the character Muscle Man, I think this would be an interesting story. Looking at the whole show though, I doubt it's likely.

I decided to do another Regular show drawing. This one is a sort of idea I had about Muscle Man portrayed in the era of the cave man. What if Muscle Man acts the way he is because his mother died when he was young. He is in denial which is why he is always making "MY MOM!!!!!!!!" jokes to make light of a dark situation. What if High Five Ghost is a figment of his imagination that he created because he needs the constant attention and approval that he didn't get from his mother as child. High Five Ghost is his right hand man that always laughs at his jokes complements him. This is just an idea but I thought it was interesting, and a little dark. Here's my attempt to portray it.

muscle_man_cave Muscle Man creating High Five Ghost to cope with his mother's death

Here are the pictures before I scanned them and edited them on my laptop

Pre-edited sketch of Muscle Man creating High Five Ghost

Pre-edited sketch of Muscle Man's Mom's skeleton

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